Woodlands Mosquito Control Systems

Woodlands Mosquito Control Systems

Houston Mosquito Control Systems provides residents in the Woodlands with the most effective, top-of-the-line misting systems for getting rid of mosquitos. For over 20 years, our mission has remained the same: we believe in providing exceptional customer service, competitive pricing, and remarkable results.

It is a fact that mosquitos feed day and night and carry diseases. Our obligation is to ensure your family, home, and businesses are safe from uninvited pests. Take action today and we will proudly offer our advanced mosquito protection with our MistAway Systems.

Outdoor Mosquito Control & Misting Systems

Houston Mosquito Control Systems is the largest distributor of MistAway Systems in the nation. Our highly trained technicians will customize a system suitable for the needs of your home, business, outdoor event, wedding party, and more. Our technicians take great pride maintaining the systems punctually with working knowledge of the current mosquito threat according to the time of the year. The system installation can be done when the time is convenient for you. Whether your home is under construction or complete, the MistAway System can be installed at any time, and we will gladly coordinate the process to ensure a hassle free experience.

More about our Mosquito Mist Away System

The Mosquito Mist Away System utilizes a reservoir, pump and motor, automated timer, ΒΌ" nylon tubing, and specialized nozzles. The reservoir can be placed in the garage, a shed, or in an outdoor area of your house. The unit plugs into a 110 outlet and requires no special plumbing. The insecticide kills and/or repels all insects, including mosquitoes - guaranteed. Delivery is available upon request. When used as directed, our insecticide is proven to be harmless. It is the most effective product available for mosquito and insect control.

Houston Mosquito Control Systems is honored to be a part of the Woodlands community and is devoted to ensuring the safety of our homes.

Give us a call at 281-392-0007 right now to receive a free inspection and consultation.

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The Mosquito Mist Away System Kills or Repels: Mosquitoes Spiders Flies Ticks Fleas Roaches Wasps Gnats

Where It Works

Houston Mosquito Control Systems can help you control insects around your home, office, near livestock and/or vegetation, outdoor event, favorite outdoor vacation spot, and more. Help protect your family, loved ones, guests or employees from diseases today with a Mosquito Mist Away System. Contact us for a free estimate or to learn more about the prevention of West Nile and other insect related diseases.